© Allan Pollok-Morris

Gardens are places in which to escape from the world and emerge some time later feeling the better for it. Whatever your involvement, whether sifting through the soil or just sitting in a shady spot, a garden is good for the soul.

For me, designing a garden is both a challenge and a privilege. Partly because I have been trusted to make the most of a client’s precious space, but also because each place and person asks for something very much of their own. This is what I seek to identify in my designs, tailoring both the design and the process to an exact fit, while teasing out the essential nature of the place.

Although I am always inspired by the wildly romantic, this is tempered by a strong underlying structure, whether this has roots in historical or modern design. With a fresh take on proven elements – and an awareness that there is not always a need to start from scratch ­– I aim to design practical, enjoyable spaces that sit well within the wider landscape, and where maintenance is more of a pleasure than a chore.

To my practice, I bring a background in history, words and the arts; a firm training in garden design from the English Gardening School; and an enthusiasm for the job that I hope will be infectious.

Whether your garden is a blank canvas or simply in need of some gentle tweaking, a bespoke design will transform the space and unite it with the house and the wider landscape.